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BrimBrim is one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland and a leader in it's field. Suppliers to Warners Fish Merchants

Come and be Inspired by IcelandIceland is literally bursting with more energy than ever before. That’s why now isn’t a time to stay away, this is a time to get closer.

Iceland Responsible FisheriesIceland Responsible Fisheries for the benefit of future generations

FishmasHave you had Icelandic fish lately? It's delicious! The recipes are here. Merry Fishmas

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Frozen at Sea Haddock

Frozen at Sea Haddock

Haddock is caught on the fishing grounds all around Iceland by Brim wetfish trawlers and freezer trawlers – and at all seasons of the year. The best fishing grounds for haddock are off the south and southwest coast'ss, especially in spring and early summer.

The company’s freezer trawlers process interleaved and IQF haddock fillets. Both mean superb haddock that goes straight to the restaurant market or to shops.

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