What do we provide?

..wild caught fish - high in protein, low in saturated fat, full of vitamins and bursting with essential oils.....nothing else comes close!


Warners Fish Merchants are market leaders in providing quality and consistent products to the UK retail industry.

We provide day delivery Monday to Friday to hotels, restaurants, fish and chip shops all across the UK. Our refrigerated fleet of vehicles ensure that products are not affected by transport.

Warners currently has an 8% share of the UK Fish and Chip shop market and we import 8000 tons of frozen at sea fish every calendar year.

We not only provide fresh and frozen sea fillets we also supply other sundry items for the conscientious buyer. Please contact us to to find out our vast array of products.

Brim's Annual Sustainability Report

Excellent Location for Easy Supply to the UK

The Sea is Black

'All The Way' - From Iceland to the UK