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BrimBrim is one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland and a leader in it's field. Suppliers to Warners Fish Merchants

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Iceland Responsible FisheriesIceland Responsible Fisheries for the benefit of future generations

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Deep Sea Red Fish

Deep Sea Red Fish

Deep sea redfish and Oceanic redfish are caught within and outside Icelandís territorial waters by Brimís wetfish and freezer trawlers. Deep sea redfish is found west, south and east of the country and most oceanic redfish is caught off the Reykjanes Ridge southwest of Iceland.

Redfish is processed as soon as it is taken aboard the freezer trawlers, either headed or filleted. In the wetfish trawlers the catch is iced in tubs and kept chilled to preserve the quality of the fish. The fish is then processed on land in the companyís plant where it is headed and filleted by machine. The fillets are then trimmed and size-graded according to the requirements of the buyer. Finally, the fillets are either IQF frozen or packed chilled and airlifted the same day to the European market.

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